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About Matt Olsen

Full name: Matthew Olsen
Age: 14-16 (changes as the series progresses)

Matt is part of a band, called Cobalt Blue, or Wreck 55 in the show. He is the lead guitarist and singer/songwriter and is known as the school heart throb. However, despite appearances, Matt is actually very shy about his feelings and is very easy going. He shares the same passion for animals as his grandfather does, although his music takes up most of his time, thus he doesn't spend much time helping his grandfather in the shop anymore. His grandfather often times makes jokes about how he deserves to be slapped when others tell him that Matt got slapped by someone because of a misunderstanding (Will's astral drop slapped him in hopes that it would fix the mistake that she made by kissing him when she wasn't supposed to. And Orube slapped him because she thought that it was a form of greeting thanks to Irma.). Matt is a very forgiving person, though sometimes it takes him some time to get over things. He is the first person on Earth outside of W.I.T.C.H. to learn of the girls abilities, or as he calls it, their "other lives".

Matt's role was drastically altered from the comics to the TV show. Not only was his appearance changed (his eyes were changed from brown to blue, and his hair from brown to black), but he also has a much bigger role in the TV show than he does in the comics, especially during the second season. Differences between the comics and the show include...

* In the show, Matt meets Will at her 13th birthday party. In the comics, he meets her when she saves her dormouse from Uriah.

* In the show, Matt finds out about the girls' secret when he follows them through a portal to Meridian in "The Stolen Heart" during the first season. In the comics, he doesn't find out about it until issue 40, when he takes Will to the carnival and Cedric attacks them.

* In the show, Matt and Caleb develop a friendship. Caleb also teaches Matt how to fight because Matt wanted to help Will with her battles rather than just staying behind the whole time. In the comics, Matt and Caleb never meet.

* In the show, Nerissa tricks Matt and transforms him into Shagon, angel of malice, her most powerful knight of destruction. Shagon's power fuels on Will's hatred toward him, hatred that he was able make her feel by using his old self as a pawn and pretending that he was holding the real Matt captive, when all along it really was Matt. However, in "S is for Self", Matt's love for Will brings him back to his old self and Nerissa then takes away his power as Shagon to fuel her next plan, reuniting the old guardians. But in "U is for Undivided," when Cornelia's younger sister, Lilian, is revealed to be the Heart of Earth, he becomes one of the three Regents of Earth and regains his power to transform into Shagon while retaining his free will. Because of the powers that he received from Lilian, he becomes a great asset in the battles against both Nerissa and Phobos. In "Z is for Zenith", Will asks Matt to create a glamor zone with the other regents so that the public doesn't see the battle between the guardians and Cedric in Heatherfield. In the comics, none of this ever happens. The closest thing that happens to this is when Nerissa takes control over Matt's body and manipulates Will into giving her the Heart of Kandrakar.

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